My Dentist© Clinic, a Subsidiary Company operating under the Perfect Smile Dentals Ltd - An Umbrella Organization and General Dental Solutions Provider, was  established and duly registered as a branch-company in the year 2010 and has since grown to its current state. The clinic commenced with the unique concept of treatment planning where utmost priority is given to patient information, sterilization, consultation, explanation of treatment and the follow up after treatment.

We are a team of dentists registered and currently practicing under the guide of the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists’ Board.

Our lead dentist, has been in practice since 2008. We enlist a number of consultants as well who work with us to ensure comprehensive dental services are provided to our clients in all disciplines of dentistry. My Dentist Clinic therefore aims to offer different specialties under one roof, and with this multi disciplinary approach our patients have access to quality and affordable dental services as we send them home smiling perfectly.

For the safety and well being of our Patients, we take utmost care about hygiene and sterilization.  Most of the items used are disposable. The Extraction and
various other Instruments are sterilized using Digital Auto Clave & Hot Air Sterilizer. Patients are provided with separate set of fully sterilized instruments, while also particularly asked to rinse their mouth with mouthwash containing Chlorhexidineglauconate, which has bactericidal effect. This helps in reducing the bacterial count,
before and after the Treatment.